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" Believing that God powers strange coincidences and the journey that lies ahead."

Childlike wonder.


This week I had a birthday. I saw this little girl . I found this little girl .

Do you remember what you were like as a child ?

I do . I loved doing cartwheels . I still do ! I enjoy the moment of silliness .

Funny , I forgot I liked to make up stories about a ZONY . Yep , a cross between a zebra & a pony . It’s a real thing . Google it ! Yep , I forgot I enjoyed writing .

The purest sense of who we are is as a child . Our gifts. Our talent . Our love . Never lose that innocence & wonder .

So this week, get out the shoebox or album and find a childhood photo .

What were you like? What did you like to do ?

My hope for you this week is that you rediscover the silliness that made you , YOU !

Would love for you to comment on what made you happy . May you hear the whisper .

“… And Jesus said ,” let the children come to me ..”

Author: Lisa A. Riehm

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I have been single for the last twenty years raising my two beautiful children, Jake ( 26)and Tarah (25). I am a originally from Chicago but by listening to “The Whisper Within” I have recently moved to Southern California. I love to run, hike, bike, swim, and practice core yoga but have been sick for the last few years fighting Lyme disease. GOD will heal me but in the meantime, I choose to be happy and not settle for ordinary. I believe in the Fairytale, crave the butterflies, and surrender that God has the plan. Follow me on FB at The Whispers Within.

4 thoughts on “Childlike wonder.

  1. I was the gawkiest kid. I never really fitted in – I was shy, and still am in real life. I get over myself of course, because grown-ups can do things like that, but at heart I’m still the quiet kids that watched all the popular kids from a distance 🙂

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    • Aww love this ! Thanks for sharing . You & I were a lot a like … I was shy & had the name buck tooth beaver .
      If I couldn’t be the cute girl – I would be the nice girl or smart girl . I decided to dive & embrace my geekiness – the love of math & become wicked smart . I became a human calculator- don’t challenge my probability skills ! Haha !
      I think we both turned out pretty ok ! 😉

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  2. I loved sports in school again with the exercise , I walked the fence , my parents where alcoholics . But I was a good athlete .could have been great . I was the guy who could party all night , get up the next day and win the ski race . So athletics since my youngest memory saved me

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    • Wow ! That’s awesome . I am sure you were great !!!Sorry for the tough childhood … I understand that … that’s why I worked so hard at school … for a better life …. someday .
      Funny , it really is our childhood that we go back to … our crutch .
      Sending hugs , my friend.


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