The Whisper Within

" Believing that God powers strange coincidences and the journey that lies ahead."

Merry Christmas!


Wishing you the Joy of Christmas from my family to yours!

Author: Lisa A. Riehm

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I have been single for the last twenty years raising my two beautiful children, Jake ( 26)and Tarah (25). I am a originally from Chicago but by listening to “The Whisper Within” I have recently moved to Southern California. I love to run, hike, bike, swim, and practice core yoga but have been sick for the last few years fighting Lyme disease. GOD will heal me but in the meantime, I choose to be happy and not settle for ordinary. I believe in the Fairytale, crave the butterflies, and surrender that God has the plan. Follow me on FB at The Whispers Within.

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Beautiful pic.


  2. Merry Christmas my dear, precious friend! May our awesome Lord bless you with a wonderful 2020💛

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  3. Good morning Lisa! I have to say this last set of holidays will not be forgotten by me! Thanks for all your support during a trying time. Missing your smile. Hugs!

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  4. A belated happy new year from this side of the pond 🙂

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