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A Legacy of Love


I looked at my computer screen. This has been a long week …. and it’s only Wednesday

How many of you feel this way ?

Is it me? Or tax time – my busy season?

Another call. Another email.

How do we not lose our joy?

A smile. A good cup of coffee. Looking forward to 5 o’clock?

Umm, my 5 o’clock is not until April 17th. I flip the calendar…3 more weeks…

A phone rings.

“Lisa, I need to review your taxes…”

A calculation. A scenario. And then a question.

“Lisa, I noticed your charitable contributions. You moved to California two years ago but you still give to St. Peter’s in Schaumburg.”

My heart fluttered.

“ John , you probably don’t know… fifteen years ago I went through a divorce and months later, the father of my children became a paraplegic. Jake was seven. Tarah was only five…”

I felt like I swallowed a mouthful of marbles.

“St. Peter’s saved me children .”

“ Saved your children ?”

I bit my bottom lip. Tears rolled down my cheek.

“Yep, the teachers surrounded my kids with so much love…Jake is graduating in engineering from Purdue in May. What they did they did for my kids, I can never repay them. I will always give back to St. Peter’s.”

“Wow, Lisa. Did I ever share with you my St. Peter’s connection?”

“A St. Peter’s connection?”

“Yes, my great- great grandfather Frederick Wilhelm Richmann was one of the first pastors as St. Peter’s back in 1858. He wanted the school to be a place we’re children were loved .”

My dimples turned North.

“Lisa, can I share this story with my mom? She would be so happy to hear her grandfather’s legacy of loving children, lived on. Your children are proof.”

I hung up the phone and then it hit me. St. Peter’s mission is “ Loving people. Serving the world .”

I took a moment to slow down in my fast paced environment and relish the last fifteen years.

I can’t help but think, would my kids be the same had they not grown up with people who embraced them with such a loving and nurturing manner, especially at such vulnerable and chaotic time in their young life?

How do we not lose our joy ?

As Mother Theresa said, serve the one in front of you. Or do what Jesus what do, kindness with a smile served up on the cross.

Happy Easter!

“Let is not get tired of doing what is right for after awhile we will reap the blessing, if we don’t get discouraged and give up.” Galatians 6:8

Can you let love be your greatest aim? I intend to.

A special thank you to all the St. Peter’s teachers who made a difference .

Here’s the link to the history of St.Peter’s & Pastor Richmann

Author: Lisa A. Riehm

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I have been single for the last twenty years raising my two beautiful children, Jake ( 26)and Tarah (25). I am a originally from Chicago but by listening to “The Whisper Within” I have recently moved to Southern California. I love to run, hike, bike, swim, and practice core yoga but have been sick for the last few years fighting Lyme disease. GOD will heal me but in the meantime, I choose to be happy and not settle for ordinary. I believe in the Fairytale, crave the butterflies, and surrender that God has the plan. Follow me on FB at The Whispers Within.

4 thoughts on “A Legacy of Love

  1. Thanks    for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  2. I feel blessed by your writing right now.
    I found delight love in what you just wrote.

    Am happy right now.

    Again such a beautiful writing.


    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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