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A dresser and then a dream.


A dresser and then a dream.

I can’t make up this stuff up…pull up a chair, get comfy, pour a drink, and enjoy the last sip.

It all started with a dresser. Yes, a dresser. I moved to Santa Barbara into a cute cottage or should I say, cracker box, about a month ago and had to let go most of my Chicago furniture.  One of bedrooms has no closets. Seriously, how do even call it a bedroom without a closet? I was in desperate need of storage. So with a press of an Facebook app and a search, I found a dresser. The arrangements were made.

Fifteen miles through the mountains, a forest preserve, deep into the woods, my GPS announced, “You have arrived at your destination.” Oh Crap!

I panicked and threw the jeep in reverse. It was straight out of a horror movie …” She went looking for a dresser and ended up dead.” That’s not gonna be me. I floored it, pulled over to a street light and tried to call the seller. No service. Are you kidding me?

I shifted to drive. Yep, I’m outta here…. Until lights. Sirens… and a “Miss, can I see your driver’s license?”

 “Sorry, officer. I am lost. Do you know where Paradise store is?”

Ten minutes later, I pulled in a parking lot.” Welcome to Paradise.” Seriously, God, Paradise? Furniture and cash were exchange. The deal was done. But the next day, I was pulled in by an antique chair. Same place. Same deal.

chair 2

The talented furniture artist and I exchanged information. “Can you find me an armoire?”

A text received. Another deal was in the making. And then she gushed.

My husband said you are a writer.

I am a CFP, but I write a blog.

Later that day, another text:

I have read so many of your writings. I’m addicted. LOL

BUT Wait… Here is where the plot turns:

Her husband arrived at my house, money is exchanged, and then…

“ Lisa. I can’t thank you enough for believing in my wife and hiring her. She stepped down from her job from University of Santa Barbara to take care of our autistic child. I never finished college, but I can take the engineer test with California to be a licensed civil engineer. I am working towards it. No one believes in us. … We read your blog of how you were broke and now your living your dream…. You are giving us a chance to change our life.”

I bit my lip, swallowed hard, and hugged him.

“You are an amazing woman, Lisa.”

“No, God is amazing. Nicholle is so talented. You will be great.”

I closed the door and cried… and then yelled.

“You know me God, you really know me. You brought me here. I thought it was about me… but it was about You. I get it.”

Mother Theresa always said, “Serve the one in front of you.”

We are all called to serve. Sometimes, the smallest of ways, can have the greatest impact.

I  Corinthians 16:58 ” Nothing you do for the Lord will ever be wasted.”

You can change someone’s story. What is your heart whispering? Will you listen?

P.S. Please check out Minted & Chipped on FB for amazing furniture.

dresser 2



Author: Lisa A. Riehm

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I have been single for the last twenty years raising my two beautiful children, Jake ( 26)and Tarah (25). I am a originally from Chicago but by listening to “The Whisper Within” I have recently moved to Southern California. I love to run, hike, bike, swim, and practice core yoga but have been sick for the last few years fighting Lyme disease. GOD will heal me but in the meantime, I choose to be happy and not settle for ordinary. I believe in the Fairytale, crave the butterflies, and surrender that God has the plan. Follow me on FB at The Whispers Within.

4 thoughts on “A dresser and then a dream.

  1. You know I’m going to say this, but stop passing on the credit. It’s about YOU. You rule. You did these things – you motivated these people. You worked your ass off. You took the risks. You were brave. You inspired them.


  2. Good job Lisa, you let the light of the Lord shine through you! Amen😘

    Liked by 1 person

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