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" Believing that God powers strange coincidences and the journey that lies ahead."

Can you wait for your sour grapes to turn sweet ?


As I breathe in the grape sweetness of wine in the making, my eyes dance at the miles of the vines kissing the horizon .

Dents form on the sides of my mouth and give way to dimples. I cannot disguise my smirk , gushing like grapes in the wine vat.



I feel like Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun when she says , ” I got my wish . Everything I asked for …”

Fifteen years ago I could not afford a “happy meal” for my kids and now I am here .I got my wish .

Diane’s character runs parallel to my life . Divorced , loses it all , sad, wandering without direction, jumps to a foreign country( I think California qualifies as foreign ) but like all Rom-Com movies , the heroine’s train changes track .

Ms.Lane narrates at the end of the film ,”They say they built the train tracks over the Alps between Vienna and Venice before there was a train. They built it anyway . They knew one day a train would come. Any arbitrary turn along the way and I would be elsewhere . I would be different .”
And so would I …

Diane’s soothing voice closes the film like dew on magenta grapes .
” Unthinkably good things can happen . Even late in the game . It is such a surprise .”
I tilt my sun hat to cover my blushing .The last few years have been a complete surprise . I never envisioned that my sour grapes would turn sweet .

” I don’t know where the path is leading but I know who is leading the path .” Proverbs 4:10

Embrace the twists of turns of life and dare to be surprised. I intend to.
Maybe like the movie, a Tuscan Villa has my name on it with an American gentleman who lives in Florence, ready to carry me over the threshold .
If that is God’s plan ,I’ll be all in ; like a grape stomper-barefoot and all .

Author: Lisa A. Riehm

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I have been single for the last seventeen years raising my two beautiful children, Jake ( 24) and Tarah (23). I am a native from Chicago but by listening to The ” Whispers Within” I have recently moved to Southern California. I love to run, hike, bike, swim, and practice core yoga but have been sick for the last few years fighting Lyme disease. GOD will heal me but in the meantime, I choose to be happy and not settle for ordinary. I believe in the Fairytale , crave the butterflies, and surrender that God has the plan. Follow me on FB at The Whispers Within.

2 thoughts on “Can you wait for your sour grapes to turn sweet ?

  1. Love that movie (and yes, I know it’s odd for a guy to like that movie). Also – why limit your dream to an American gentleman ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Well, if my life is to mirror the movie ( without any cracks of breaking storyline ) an American man approaches her speaking Italian requesting to speak to the American writer … but since I am neither Diane Lane or a writer .. I guess my options are open like a 3 way mirror –I can glance in multiple angles and get a completely fresh look . Here’s to fresh eyes & being surprised.


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